5th Hellenic
Institute of Nuclear Physics Workshop

12-13 April 2019, Thessaloniki

Physics Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

About The Workshop


  • The aim of the Workshop is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas, discussions and collaboration between researchers in Nuclear Physics and related areas. The program of HINPw5 is expected to include the most recent theoretical and experimental advances in the field covering the following topics:

    • Recent advances and prospects for Nuclear Theory
    • Nuclear Structure and Reactions
    • Nuclear Astrophysics and Nucleosynthesis
    • Super-heavy elements and Nuclear Fission
    • Hadronic Physics
    • Challenges at the interface of Atomic and Nuclear Physics
    • Interdisciplinary studies and societal applications

  • You can download the official 5th HINP Workshop Poster clicking the links below.
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  • There is a €20 registration fee for all participants that will not be presenting their work and includes a participation certificate.
    If you wish to attend the workshop please complete the registration form. HINPw5 Registration Form

  • You can download the Book of Abstacts and the Schedule clicking the link below. HINPw5 Book of Abstracts & Schedule

  • • G. Lalazissis (AUTH) [Chair]
    • Ch. Moustakidis (AUTH) [Co-chair]
    • D. Bonatsos (NCSR)
    • T. Gaitanos (AUTH)
    • A. Ioannidou (AUTH)
    • A. Pakou (UOI)
    • G. Souliotis (NKUA)

  • • L. Acosta (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)
    • N. Alamanos (CEA, France)
    • F. Cappuzzello (INFN / University of Catania, Italy)
    • M. Gaidarov (Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)
    • H. Lenske (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany)
    • N. Minkov (Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria)
    • P. Ring (TUM, Germany)
    • Suyalatu Zhang (Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China)

  • You can download a temporary list of participants in the link below. HINPw5 Participants List

  • The Hellenic Institute of Nuclear Physics (HINP) was established in December 2008 and was put into action in April 2010.
    It is a virtual Institute of non-profitable character that constitutes a form of collaboration between three Nuclear Physics Laboratories, from the Univeristy of Ioannina, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. The statutes of HINP represent the memorandum of understanding, signed by 22 members from the three sides and further supported by the Rectorships of the University of Ioannina and the University of Thessaloniki.
    The main goal of the Institute is to promote the synergy between its members and between the Institute and other European Nuclear Physics Groups. It will also promote convergence on similar research subjects and contribute to the training of young fellows on new technology. Last but not least, HINP aims to achieve representation, on a rotating basis, of all Greek Nuclear Physics Laboratories to international fora. Official HINP Website


The Workshop will take place in A31, 1st floor, Physics Department, AUTH


Please come early to register!

Welcome Speeches

HINP Board

Session 1-Chair G. Lalazissis

Nuclear Physics today - installations in perspective or under construction

N. Alamanos

On the ab-initio derivation of covariant density functionals

P. Ring

The nuclear matrix elements of 0νββ decay and the NUMEN project at INFN-LNS

F. Cappuzzello

10:45-11:15 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2-Chair F.Cappuzzello

Theory of Heavy Ion Exchange Reactions as Probes for Nuclear Beta Decay

H. Lenske

Nuclear symmetry energy and its components at zero and finite temperatures

M. Gaidarov

Exploring the astrophysical conditions for the creation of the first r-process peak, and the impact of nuclear physics uncertainties

S. Nikas

12:35-14:30 LUNCH BREAK (For the invited and the speakers of the conference)

Session 3-Chair N. Alamanos

The new facilities and devices at Mexico for low energy nuclear reactions studies

L. Acosta

Strongly Resonating Bosons in Hot Nuclei

S. Zhang

The breakup of 9Be on a proton target at 5.6MeV/nucleon

A. Pakou

Accessing the most neutron-rich nuclei: toward elucidating the nucleosynthesis of the elements beyond iron

G. Souliotis

Angular Distribution Studies of Neutron-Rich Projectile-like Fragments from 86Kr -induced peripheral collisions at 15 MeV/nucleon

O. Fasoula

16:35-17:00 COFFEE BREAK

Session 4-Chair A. Ioannidou

Non-conventional radionuclides produced by particle accelerators for theranostic applications

F. Groppi

A Sparse and Ergonomic Tomographic Image Reconstruction Technique based on Artificial Neural Networks

M.E. Tomazinaki

Resolution Study of a γ-Camera System for SPECT at Preclinical Level

D. Zarketan

The use of mosses as biomonitors of trace elements in Greece

C. Betsou


Session 5-Chair P. Ring

Theoretical predictions for the decay rates and magnetic moment in 229mTh

N. Minkov

Approximate SU(3) symmetries in heavy deformed nuclei

D. Bonatsos

A mechanism for shape coexistence

A. Martinou

Breaking SU(3) spectral degeneracies in heavy deformed nuclei

A. Assimakis

Non-relativistic conformal symmetry in nuclear structure

P. Georgoudis

Microscopic studies of fission dynamics based on energy density functionals

V. Prassa

11:25-11:55 COFFEE BREAK

Session 6-Chair D. Bonatsos

Two quasiparticle k-isomers within the covariant density functional theory

K. Karakatsanis

Relativistic Equations of State for hot matter and neutron star dynamics

A. Chorozidou

Equation of state of cold rapidly rotating neutron stars and the effects of the Keplerian sequence

P. Koliogiannis

Speed of sound bounds in dense matter and its effects on the bulk properties of rapidly rotating neutron stars

Ch. Margaritis

Constraints on neutron stars equation of state, from the observation of the tidal deformability of the GW170817 system

A. Kanakis

Governing board meeting

HINP Board


Poster Session

Study of the Momentum Distributions of Projectile-like Fragments from 86Kr -induced peripheral collisions at 15 MeV/nucleon

S. Koulouris

Study of the Momentum Distributions of Projectile-like Fragments from 40Ar -induced peripheral collisions at 15 MeV/nucleon

I. Dimitropoulos

Comparative Dosimetric Radiotherapy Analysis In Rectal Cancer

G. Smaragdi

Constraints on the equation of state from the stability condition of neutron stars

P. Koliogiannis

Equation of state effects on the crust-core interface of slow rotating neutron stars

L. Tsaloukidis


The Organizing Committee advise the participants to book their accommodation as soon as possible at the following hotels.
Moreover, accommodation could be arranged through the Airbnb platform.

ABC Hotel


0.5 km from the Venue

Orestias Kastorias

Orestias Kastorias

1.0 km from the Venue



1.35 km from the Venue

New Metropolis

New Metropolis

1.5 km from the Venue



1.35 km from the Venue



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1.80 km from the Venue

Egnatia Palace

Egnatia Palace

1.20 km from the Venue



1.90 km from the Venue


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Registrations are open!
There is a €20 registration fee for all participants that will not be presenting their work and includes a participation certificate.